Request, instructions

Because I will be careful again, I would like the cooperation of all of you together with every fixture and request about the staying in this museum.

Check-in check-out
Because the check-in is 15:00 …, the which was able to come puts baggage early towards a sea side terrace, and wait until time.
Because it is a basic couple, I leave my seat until time.
When you get into the boat of the last flight, please call me.
The check-out is … 10:00.
When a complaint appeared from other hotel guests by a case or the noise that one, a hotel guest putting a tattoo might give a nuisance to other hotel guests, I may decline staying.
I prohibit the act to produce the noise by cooking, a banquet such as using an appliance and the fire in a room and a hall.
Telephone Reservation
The telephone has a case not to get immediately. (outside work when I am waiting on customers, I cannot appear.)
I’m sorry, but, please sound 15 times.
Courier service
Baggage is sent by courier service and does not arrive to 本浦港止 まりで, a hotel either.
You have it as much as possible, and come. When this goes for baggage of courier service, I have as 200 yen – 500 yen fee. Thank you for your understanding.

I cannot put the pet in a hall. I’m sorry, but I am not accepted basically.
There are not vending machines in the site.
Please prepare by each person.
Please refrain from the carry-on of the drink at the time of the meal. (when it is brought in, I have a corkage.) Please take a voice;).
I do not do summer lunch. Bread or cup noodles have you easily prepare an edible thing or can eat in the dining room in front of the port.
To the one that can come in a boat
The person of the boat, please manage the ship by each person. Even if there is anything, I cannot take all responsibility in this museum.
The number that can moor at the pier in front of the hotel has a limit.
Tell me about the boat at the time of a reservation by all means.