The facilities where the heart of “SANTORA” feels at ease
It is a beach on the front for SANTORA


Dining room ridge

It is a beach on the front for SANTORA

There is totally a private beach
The sea in Seto opens in front.
It is good to look at the sea in family friends leisurely alone.


When after having got out of the bath, I want to draw breath. I prepare for a tea break and am.
Please use it willingly.

Dining room

I prepare for the cooking using the ingredients such as fresh fishery products or the vegetables of the self farm produced in the Seto Inland Sea.
Please thoroughly enjoy the seasonal dish only by “three tigers” among the seas.

The highlight of the facilities in the hall

The main building of nostalgic interior decoration using an old school building

I removed and rebuilt old Manabe Elementary School in 1966 and was rebeared as an inn.
It is the building where nostalgia is felt.

I prepare a Japanese-style room, the room of the Japanese-Western style room type for the main building.

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Handmade log house

A storekeeper and the log house which I built in craftsmen. The private space under the log house.
In families, please use it to a plan by in a group or a couple.

I prepare the room of the Japanese-style room type for a log house.

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