Come by ship from the JR Kasaoka Station – Sumiyoshi Port

The access to Manabeshima becomes periodical passenger boat and the marine taxi.

Because the reservations may be possible, please refer to the companies.

Guidance of the access
To Step1 JR Kasaoka Station

To the Step2 Kasaoka Port

To Step3 Manabeshima

Timetable of the ship
From Kasaokafrom Shikoku
Normal ship 1,020 yen / Highway ship 1,760 yen

Kasaoka (Sumiyoshi Port) Manabeshima
7:25 8:09 High speed ship
8:10 9:22
9:10 9:54 High speed ship
11:20 12:25
12:30 13:14 High speed ship
14:20 15:30
16:30 17:14 High speed ship
17:50 19:00

※It is traveled only on Saturday
※Take it from the Iwatsubo Port to three tigers on foot more than 20 minutes;, please be careful.

三洋汽船(SANYO-KISEN) 0865-62-2866

Normal ship 1020yen

四国(多度津港) 佐柳 真鍋島(岩坪港)
14:00 14:50 15:10

※It is traveled only on Saturday
※Take it from the Iwatsubo Port to three tigers on foot more than 20 minutes;, please be careful.

三洋汽船お問合せ 0865-62-2866

As for five or more, a marine taxi is convenient
In a short time! At favorite time! Wear it in the pier before three tiger eyes; a port!
Direct communication 25 minutes

To ten people 10,000- yen (from 11 people + 1,000- yen per one) (cope to up to 40 people)

A merit!
I wear it directly in the pier in three tiger sites, and a port is done if I use the marine taxi.
A trip becomes easy to be able to carry the heavy baggage easily.

Marine taxi from

白兎   090-8065-8001

幸進丸  0865-68-4345

Marine taxi from

ユアクルーズ 090-3989-0278


It is approximately 700m from port to SANTORA. I walk for 15 minutes from about 10-minute walk.
If a port arrives, I see a signboard while watching the sea to the left hand when I advance straight.
I turn to the right at there and go up the person alone slope which can only go.
Because improve, being downed is hard, come with the shoes which are easy to walk.
・I can order the marine taxi from port to three tigers, too. (幸進丸, one way 3,000. yen TEL0865-68-4345)

I turn to the right at the signboard of the tiger of here.
It is let ‘s try in the rapid slope!

I get nervous along a handrail.
There is little more up!
Please accept very best wishes.

Please look back toward the back if able to afford in 突中 of the slope.
I can overlook the scenery of the fishing village of the port.

There is a tower for the repose of souls which carved the poetry of the westing Buddhist priest when I go a little.
I see the lighthouse, too.
It is another 200m from here to three tigers.

When I go for a while,
The left hand has the Great Teacher of the 15th label place of 88 places of Shikoku.
On a fine day, I see four countries Mountains in front,
I see a Chinese mountain range behind when I look back.
Manabeshima is five villages from five villages, Tadotsu from Kasaoka.
It is right in the middle of the Seto Inland Sea here.

SANTORA were seen in the other side of the palm tree.
I go down along a handrail afterward.
Please be careful not to be slippery.

It is come by SANTORA!
Thank you. This is a receptionist.
“Welcome home”